We need to respect the project, in order to ensure it has a long life. That’s why we will always be guided by the objective of making Zona Zero a sustainable project.


To achieve sustainability, we are focusing on three key areas:



Restoring traditional trails and giving them a new lease of life as routes for cycling and hiking has a very low impact on the environment. The main consequences are erosion, in the event of overuse; potential misuse of the trails; and the visual pollution caused by the signage.


We strive to minimize these negative impacts while strengthening the positive impacts of bringing these trails back to life. These include: facilitating access to the mountains for everyone; aiding access in the event of wildfire; and raising awareness of our local environment, which in turn fosters a sense of belonging and engagement and encourages people to care.



Tourism has always generated tension or incompatibility with traditional land uses and local ways of life. Cycle tourism is no exception, and that’s why we need to provide education based on respect: for those who live here, and (in particular) for those who visit.


Our efforts to ensure the compatibility of land uses, to request that cyclists follow the rules, and our hard work in raising awareness are all part of our overall drive to operate with respect.


We also teach youngsters in Sobrarbe how cycling can help them gain a more intimate knowledge of their region, as well as helping them learn how to respect the mountains and one another.



Zona Zero is a non-profit business association. As such, all of our efforts and dedication are aimed at making sure our partners, and by extension everyone in the county of Sobrarbe, can benefit from a form of tourism that barely existed just a few years ago.


Sobrarbe is a county with very low population density. Stabilizing and rejuvenating the local population is a way of improving quality of life, access to jobs and the provision of leisure activities. Zona Zero is a circular economy: it offers visitors a free product of exceptional quality, and only asks that the favour be returned in the form of respecting and caring for the environment and making use of the companies that make this product possible.